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Iran has a population of 75 million % 65 of them being young which makes it one of the youngest countries in the world. More than 3,200,000 students who graduate from high schools are interested in higher education, but which they are effectively barred from entering university due to incapacity of these centers. By 2012, 21,000,000 high school and 16000 Bachelor graduates will want to continue their education, this figure sounds incredibly astronomical. What a vast arsenal, reservoir of market opportunity and talent latent but real speaking factual material drawn from official statistics. Not a vision of chimera. A revolutionary concept in theory and practice of education.
ARMAN MIMAR is a known Iranian Educational Institution founded by a known university Professor in 1991 and registered by Iran Ministry of Higher Education as an Iranian Educational Advisory Institution later . The institution is in charge of advising the people who are interested to continue their studies abroad. We are doing our best to be in touch with the known North American universities mainly and with that of North Cypriot ones as well .
In response to the need of assisting the university applicants, we started our activities in 1991 with enrolling 50 students in universities abroad, which had increased to 500 by the end of the year 2010. Our main task is recruiting applicants to receive higher education abroad as well as supplying them with relevant information and sponsorship. Furthermore, we offer our assistance to evaluate their academic qualifications, Acquiring visas, and registration for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT and other required exams by their university of interest. We are also in the process of acquiring academic approvals and recognition from Ministry of Sciences, Researches and Technology accrediting universities we represent. In fact, the graduates from these universities will be able to enter Iranian business market easily. We have An extensive network of advertising, distribution of brochures and catalogues of academic institutions that we represent, introducing them through a series of seminars, and providing efficient and timely services, which has enabled us to win the public's trust and attract about 5000 Iranian students who call us to study in various programs in the last four years abroad.
ARMAN MIMAR acts jointly with its sister academies PARDIS MIMAR COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE &DESIGN active in Higher Education and PARS ARMAN ACADEMY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRAINING active in English Language Training . We hope we would be successful to pave the way for Iranian youth to find their right ways for further education in abroad .

Kambiz/Hamid Reza Akhavan Azari
Assoc. Prof./Urban Design
Iran Azad University


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